Calendar of Events

Tuesday 1/17 (3pm)

“Sanctuary Campus: What It Is and Why It’s Needed”
Prof Rosaura Sanchez (Literature) and Prof Tom Wong (Political Science)   @ Raza Resource Center


8:00am Gather at Silent Tree to begin picket

12:00 (noon) Rally at Matthews Quad (Triton Statue)

– – –


Friday 1/13 (8pm)

Strike Fund Benefit Concert and Dance Party   @ Teros Gallery (North Park)

Thursday 1/12 (3pm)

“Trump and the Neofascist Threat”
Prof Lilly Irani (Communication), Prof Wendy Matsumura (History), and Kevan Aguilar (History)
@ Raza Resource Center

Thursday 1/12 (12:30-2pm)

“Political Performance Ethnography and Direct Action”
Prof Roshanak Kheshti (Ethnic Studies)   @ Cross Cultural Center, Comunidad Large Room

Monday 1/9 (3pm)

“Dismantling White Supremacy: Local Strategies”
Prof Saiba Varma (Anthropology) and Prof Joe Hankins (Anthropology)   @ Cross Cultural Center, Art Space